Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hours remaining........2hrs 00mins

The hours are ebbing away and I'm still surrounded by lists. Some things have been ticked off in a very positive fashion, but the fish is still swimming around in its bowl of green slime. P.A. casually remarked on it for the first time, today of all days. He was lucky to live, probably because he wisely chose to comment when I was not holding knitting needles.

I have just under two hours to orient myself before the children descend for the summer vacation. My main focus this year is to "get my house in order." I've only lived here for 4yrs but the place still looks like it belongs to someone else. That's the one problem with moving around. After a while you're almost afraid to put your mark on a place in case you have to leave again. Now is the time though, to lay claim to my home so decorating it is my way of telling the world that "THIS KNITTER IS NOT MOVING!" Let's face it, the stash is well hidden around the house now, a sure sign of 'permanent residence!'

So along will teaching DD1 to drive (anyone got a knitting pattern for a crash hat!) and knitting a shawl with DD2, I have hopes of painting some rooms in my house and making cushion covers out of the material that I bought last summer. Naturally I have probably overestimated the length of this summer holiday. When you're looking at it from the beginning, it always seems as if you have acres of time ahead of you, but I live in hope.

In the "getting my house in order" vein, I could also complete some knitting projects. I have an African Hope Hat sitting in my purse that just needs the crown shaping finishing. I also have a Kid's Keyhole Scarf on the needles that should probably take its place in the handbag and we just won't mention the Norwegian sweater I started for P.A. about 7yrs ago! Time to get things sorted I think. Now where's that cup of coffee? I must just check out those amazing lace scarves in the latest edition of Knitty!

Hours remaining........1hr 40mins

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