Monday, June 22, 2009

Top Gear

I wouldn't exactly characterize my knitting life as being in top gear right now, unless ofcourse you're referring to something you wear on your head. Hats I can do, or rather one hat in particular, my African Hope Hat. This hat has been sitting in my handbag for what feels like centuries. It goes everywhere with me, so it is close at hand should the need or opportunity strike for me to execute a quick k5, k2tog. Yes, at any given moment during the past few months, I have been ready to get that crown shaping done. I just haven't. In fact I don't think I've worked on it at all since the time I lost P.A. in Home Depot and retired to the truck to knit, knowing he'd turn up eventually.

So last night I pulled this forgotten project out and knit a few rounds while I watched the first episode in the new season of the cult British car show "Top Gear." The excitement was palpable as we all settled back to watch the 'grown up' versions of our heros tackling a myriad of mighty road vehicles. (Check out the "You Tube" commercials for a look at the kid versions of Jeremy, Richard, James and The Stig.)

Indeed a return to our favourite car show was just what I needed ten minutes after having given my eldest child her first driving lesson! Thank goodness the download took most of the day (I believe fans crashed the server)and we were able to squeeze in her lesson before our family broadcast. The sight of Jeremy racing around an airfield in a gorgeous looking white Lotus Evora would have been asking for trouble from a car-crazed teen. I fear that my large white Dodge minivan is not quite as sprightly, although I have to say that you can 'turn it on a dime!'

So it was with great delight that I returned to the calming effects of some decrease shaping, even if I didn't manage more than about four rounds in an hour (did I mention how much I love the cinematography in this show?) The shock of seeing Michael Schumacher on the interview couch dressed in white leathers and white helmet left my knitting hanging from my armchair though. I suppose that even a seven times Formula One world champ has to do something in retirement, but I remain unconvinced that he could possibly be our "tame racing driver". As far as I'm concerned, the question still remains:

Who is The Stig?


Rudee said...

We watch top gear, too. Your hat is very pretty.

I knit half a sock in the hospital yesterday. It isn't the shawl, but it was portable.

Jane said...

Portability is good. Thank heaven for hats and socks!

Almost American said...

Ah - thanks for that update on Top Gear. I missed the episode and was wondering who they were going to claim as the person behind the helmet. I did not expect them to be truthful! I am sure the Stig is several people.

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