Monday, June 15, 2009

The Countdown Lists

Hours remaining........72hrs 30mins

It's the last week of school. In a few days the children will be descending on the home front for an entire THREE months. It feels a bit like countdown at Cape Canaveral before a rocket launch. They are counting the days (hours) until they're free; I'm counting the days that I have left to get things done before I find myself in a war zone every day. It's an interesting dicotomy.

I'm making lists. There are lists of errands to be run, lists of people to see and lists of projects to be started. Then ofcourse there is the "Summer List", the one with all the projects on it that I hope to complete while the children are home. This could turn out to be the most challenging of all of the lists, but hey, I'm an optimist! (at least I am at this end of the summer vacation.) By the time August arrives, I'll have realised that I was hoping to attain the impossible and have accepted defeat over at least half of it.

So, in an effort to update you on the projects happening here at Wilde Thyme right now, here's a few pics:

The garden's growing like mad. We've had more than 20 days without rain here in the NW and everything has been growing wildly. We're picking snap peas daily (and fighting over who gets to eat them), we've had fresh cilantro, Italian parsley and chives in our food recently and the potatoes are growing so fast that I'm running out of soil to cover them with.

After my recent see-through skirt experience, these arrived in the mail from my MIL. Isn't she sweet. In an effort to protect my modesty, she headed off to M&S and bought me two petticoats. She's priceless!

On the knitting front, I'VE FINISHED MY LACY TOP! Just got to seam under the arms and block. I did run out of yarn, so I had to unravel the swatch when I got to the sleeves. I divided the yarn in two and had enough to make each one about an inch, rather than three inches long under the arms. Hopefully it'll look ok and won't make my shoulders look any bigger than nature intended.

WWKIP day went well too. It was gloriously sunny and we sat outside Main Street Yarn in Mill Creek knitting, spinning and chatting. There were knitters of all ages there, which was a wonderful testament to the appeal of our craft.

Well, got to get back to the list now. It's telling me that the rabbits haven't been fed yet today and that the fish is on its last legs (well fins) because it can't see through the dark green water it's living in. Looks like my injured back has returned to age 43 just in time.

Hours remaining........ 72hrs 00mins


Rudee said...

Your garden is impressive. Really impressive.

I hope you pencil in some time for yourself this summer.

Jane said...

Pencil in is right Rudee. Haven't really thought beyond the first 5 weeks when I will be teaching DD1 to drive. She's excited - I'm terrified!

Kimmie said...

Your garden is amazing! Such a wonderful thing to grow it and then eat it too! I'm with you on the countdown ..... I'll mostly be glad to not have to pack a lunch that comes home half eaten (or un-eaten) any more.

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