Friday, June 12, 2009

The Weekend Starts Here

......and it's a busy one. My son needs one of our pets to arrive at school by 12 noon today so that he can present it in the Pet Parade. Oliver's giving me his "if-you-think-I'm-getting-in-that-car-one-more-time-this-week-you're-crazy" look, so I think he's out of bounds. It's just not worth the hissing and the scratches, not to mention the trauma when he encounters the other kids dogs! (that's my trauma not his ofcourse.)

The rabbits are......not to be parted. One could pine without the other and that could lead to all kinds of social and jealousy issues once they're reintroduced to each other. Again, way too much hassle. Trying to carry them both in one crate would also be a problem as, naturally, I have a bad back this week (I'm now about 63 not 93, so things are improving.)

I have even considered the fish as an alternative. She's a Beta so no social problems there - she simply doesn't get on with anyone. How a 10yr old could carry her in a pet parade is another matter though. The risk of water and fish splashing on to the concrete is way too high in my estimation and I don't relish the prospect of having to perform CPR on a Beta, especially in front of a lot of impressionable elementary school children.

So, I think the only solution here is to go for the stuffed version of Oliver presented in the kitty crate. No potential issues for either child or pet in this scenario..........I hope. Honestly, sometimes I think that schools come up with these ideas just to make parent's lives more difficult. My son is sulking and for the first time ever I'm actually wishing that we had a hamster! C'est la vie.

I also have my first HS graduation to attend tonight (clothes need ironing, food for the kids needs preparing, balloons and flowers need to be bought and ofcourse, I really must remember to write in the card!) Making space for coffee and some therapeutic handknitting sounds like a must, doesn't it.
Thankfully, there's "World Wide Knit In Public Day" (WWKIP) tomorrow and I'm hoping to be hanging out on the streets for a few hours with my bathroom curtain...........and lots of other knitters and outside a LYS, just in case you thought I'd be wandering the streets wrapped in a plastic shower curtain. I am still working on the lace curtain for my downstairs bathroom and I'll be bringing that along.

So I'm ignoring the mess at home today, focusing on the essentials and trying very hard to glide elegantly from one thing to another. I suspect though, that the harried looking woman with the crazy hair carrying a stuffed cat that you may come across in the grocery store, well that'll probably be me!


Rudee said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. If you don't have a balance ball, consider one. They're great for your back if you sit on them or do backbends over them. Don't ask how I know. It's a long, sad story.

I'm knitting in public tomorrow too, but then that's nothing new. Friday I'll be spinning dog hair in public.

Jane said...

Spinning dog hair, Rudee. Now I'm intrigued?!!

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