Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If You Want To Keep Your Cash..............

.............................don't go to the bi-annual sale at the local spinner's guild!
That's where I went last night. It was touch and go whether I'd make it at all, but half an hour after it started, I succumbed to the temptation and headed out the door. It was only 5 blocks away, so it seemed just so, well, easy really, to 'nip' up the road and see what was happening.

What can I say? The place was an Aladdin's cave. There were spinner's everywhere, vibrant coloured fleece by the sack load, gorgeous shawl pins and several people selling off items from their stash. The thing about spinning is that once you've started creating your own yarn, I'm reliably informed that there's nothing quite like knitting with your own handspun. Sounds a bit dangerous to me. I could easily get sucked in.

Mind you, some of the stash being sold at half price was pretty nice stuff. Look what I got!!

I think I'll be making socks for quite a while.


Kathy said...

Gorgeous yarn! Happy Knitting!

Rudee said...

5 blocks? Who could blame you? The sale at my local yarn store starts 9 AM sharp on Friday. It's 2 blocks away. Oh! And it's payday Friday.

I love that purple yarn. It's beautiful.

Almost American said...

My local yarn store is a particularly good one and my husband knows better than to let me get anywhere near it during one of their sales!

knittingqueen said...

You know me--I'm such a sucker for new sock yarn! I have some Alpaca Sox, but haven't used it yet. I'm curious about it...nothing like a good yarn sale!

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