Monday, April 20, 2009

Normal Service Has Been Resumed

Well, I've recovered from the kitchen calamity, in fact it was somewhat like riding a horse. I just had to get straight back in there and stubbornly prove to myself that things were fine. I needed to make a dessert for an event at the High School and so I made these. It took me ages, but I was doggedly determined to produce something exquisite from my oven again. The cooker is now spotless and a source of great delight every time I open it. For a rather ancient machine, it's holding up pretty well and our relationship has drastically improved over the past 72hrs.

The weekend was full of knitting, although not always intentionally. On Saturday I managed to lose P.A. in Home Depot (I know, it's a common occurance when you take a man to a DIY store). I'd only permitted him and The Little Guy to join me on my quest for some pots to plant my seedlings in, because they gave me that 'doe-eyed' look that I can't resist. What should have been a 10 minute dash into the store, turned into half an hour of searching and swearing! Spitting bricks and worried that I looked like I was staking out the entry, I finally retreated to the car..........where I picked up my purse project and reduced my blood pressure. The boys have never been so glad that I always carry knitting with me!

I did managed to pot my seedlings on without killing them all though and then spent Sunday afternoon at a local bookstore in the company of the author Cricket McRae. She was signing copies of her latest murder mystery, which happens to be based around the craft of spinning. DD2 and I spent a pleasant 2hrs working on our projects and listening to Cricket as she read excerts from her book.

Last night I finished my Toe-Up Broadripple Socks. I loved every minute of them and will never knit socks any other way. The single needle magic loop method satisfies my need to make 2 socks at once and Rob Matyska's pattern is easy to memorize. Although the socks are not identical, you can tell that they're related. Maybe I should call them my Fraternal Broadripples?


Dawn said...

Okay. I'm jealous. I'm still only doing one sock, cuff down on ML. I should graduate to 2 at a time at least! LOL! Someday...

Thanks for the heads up on that book! I LOVE those kinds of books. I read knitting, needlepoint, scrapbooking & crochet mysteries, and even antiquing ones! I've never seen this one! Can't wait to find it too...:)

Rudee said...

You are an artiste in the kitchen. Honey, knitting aside, I think you missed out on a career as a pastry chef. You'd be formidable. It's never too late you know.

So do you like toe up socks better than from the cuff?

Kimmie said...

Gorgeous petit-fours! How cool that a school event let you make something, instead of bringing in something "pre-packaged."

The socks are beautiful. Perfectly matching would be Boring!

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