Monday, April 27, 2009


Last Friday was my birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on Ravelry. It really meant a lot. As you can see, I gave myself a face lift for my birthday! (Well, I am feeling every one of my ** years right now.) I haven't quite finished, but I wanted to update the look of the blog a little, because it was really annoying me, and make it more 'me.' (It's a work in progress, just like I am.)

As you can imagine, I was blessed with yarnie type gifts on my special fact all my favourite things really. There was sock yarn (yum), knitting books (Mmmmm), flowers (ahhh) and ......... two boxes of Knitpicks blocking boards with lace wires and pins.... oh, and a set of sock blockers.

Now all I have to do is find some time to take a proper look at everything!


Rudee said...

Happy Birthday! I see you have two of my favorite books there. I love Fitted Knits and although I sometimes have a hard time understanding exactly what Elizabeth Zimmerman meant, I do enjoy her books. I'll bet you enjoy them all.

Kimmie said...

Happy Birthday! I can't think of a better time of year to have a birthday - it's been gorgeous - and just for you! ;)

Dawn said...

Happy Late Birthday!! I bet all those goodies are going to make your blog happy with all the projects you'll be whipping out now! :) Lot's to look forward to!

knittingqueen said...

A happy belated birthday to you! Looks like you were showered with love!

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