Saturday, January 17, 2009

Swap Parcel

I'm so excited. Yesterday this parcel arrived for me from my swap partner in Norway (thanks Spinnvill!) With all the snow and floods we've had recently, I only just mailed my own package at the beginning of the week. It was a real treat to end the week receiving one myself.

The chocolates are my favourite Norwegian ones, which I haven't had since I left the country. I always used to buy a box of the coffee flavoured Mokka Bønner at Christmas. The Melkerull were popular with the children. If they're really good I might share them with them, but in the meantime they're sitting temptingly in the fridge!
The yarn is Gjestal Bris a blend of 50% wool and 50% soy. I've never used soy before but have been very intrigued by it whenever I've been in my local LYS. I was actually looking at a baby blend last summer which contained a lot of soy and wondering whether to add it to my stash. Somehow, I managed to deny myself, but the memory of it lingers temptingly!

Funnily enough, I'd just come across a great scarf pattern on Thursday, so I think that's what this yarn will become. Who knows, it could be my next "Purse Project"!


Rose said...

Catching up; I love your purse project blog. I find it really interesting how memories do become wrapped up in the knitted object. Whenever I wear a certain pair of socks I knitted, I remember knitting on them on our trip to Ireland. Nice extra. Really impressed with your hoodie too! Out of my league.

Jane said...

Thanks for your kind words Rose. I'm sure the hoodie isn't out of your league though. It's much simpler than you think!

Rudee said...

The yarn is very pretty. I like soy but for me, there does need to be wool in the blend for shape. It's soft and wears well. You scored on the swap!

Kimmie said...

What a fun swap! It's a small world we live in :)

Octopus Knits said...

What great swap gifts! The hoodie is looking great, too :)

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