Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Memorable Hat

Here's another little finished object, my second Chameleon hat. This one is made out of Cascade 220 in a beautiful shade of blue appropriately named Puget Sound. During the run up to Christmas, this was my "Purse Project" (it sat in my handbag!)

This is the handbag in question.

I bought it several years ago, used it a handful of times and then threw it in the back of the closet. Last year I came across it during a daring spring cleaning episode and decided that it would be perfect for carrying a small project with me. It has several pockets inside which hold needles, markers, candy and the obligatory umbrella, while the outer pockets are useful for all those boring necessities like, keys, cell phone and, oh, wallet!

So, this is where my Chameleon hat has been hiding out. It's seen a lot of life during that time, I must say. When I look at it, I remember.......the Allergists office:-

"k1,P1,K1, P5..."

"Mum, I'm scared."

"K1,'ll be fine, dear. P1,K1,P5...."

"Mum, it hurt SOOOO bad!!"

"P1,K1,P1,K5....never mind, dear. It's all done now."

Then there were the late nights parked outside the High School waiting to pick up a child from band or dance, football or hoops.

"Blimey, it's getting dark in here. I wonder how much more I can do before the light fades. Was that a knit stitch or a purl? I can't quite make it out. Maybe I can do it by touch? Oh, do shut up Peter Cetera, I'm trying to concentrate! I think I just dropped a stitch (raising panic). Oh no! Now I'll have to take back the last 3 rows."

I finally finished up during basketball season though. I took the hat to every practice, sitting on the sidelines while my son ran around wearing himself out before bed (perfect!) The problem with basketball practice though is that it doesn't seem to matter where you sit, you always get hit by the ball! I studiously avoided sitting directly under the hoop, that would be asking for trouble, but it proved extremely difficult to find a spot that was safer. I swear those balls have homing devices in them. I seem to spend every session, looking at my knitting and bobbing my head up and down to avoid a basket ball-induced concussion.

To be fair, the players treat me very kindly. They do always yell, "Look Out!" or "Heads Up!" as the ball comes flying in my direction, allowing me just enough time to incorporate the appropriate manouvre into my knitting:- "K5,P1,K1,Duck1,P1,K5,Head1, P1!"

So you see, Purse Projects are not for the fainthearted. You just never know where you'll be when you have a spare ten minutes to whip out your sticks. Exterior challenges can abound! But what makes them the most wonderful projects to indulge in are the memories you'll weave into them. They're priceless.


Rudee said...

Priceless indeed and amazingly pretty. Nice work.

Kathy said...

Beautiful finish!

Dawn said...

What a great post, you had me laughing out loud! ;O)
I love the hat! It's awesome!

Kimmie said...

Great thoughts here (and hat too!) .... your model is lovely ;)

Jane said...

Isn't she, Kimmie ;) I pay her in hats or yarn. She's also turning into my test knitter!

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