Friday, August 29, 2008

Peace and Knitting.

This week I actually made it to my knitting group for an hour of sanity, having escaped the warzone that my home has become. How many days of the summer vacation do we have left?

I worked a few more rows on the now considerably large baby blanket that I'm making and basked in the soothing effects of fellow knitters talk. It was wonderful to admire the pieces that everyone else is working on and to just be away from the bickering for a while.

I have found the camera cable and returned it to its rightful home, so here are a few pictures that should have gone with my last post.

The Bread and Butter Pickles looked so pretty soaking in the brine.

The Dill Pickle Spears made the house smell like McDonalds (according to the children!) I'm not sure whether this was considered a good thing or a bad one.

The curtains came out really well and have changed the feel of our breakfast area quite considerably. As usual, there's still the painting to do though. Slowly but surely we're making our house our home.


knittingqueen said...

LOVE the blanket! What yarn?

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

The yarn is Smooth DK by King Cole. It is actually an acrylic. I don't normally use acrylic, but it has a cotton-like sheen to it and is quite soft too. It's great to work with, doesn't shed or break. Quite a surprise.

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