Saturday, September 6, 2008

Small Is Beautiful!

The children went back to school this week (at least they did towards the end of the week) so there was little time for creativity. Sorting out everyones supplies, problems, timetables etc and transporting them too and from events has taken over as we struggle to re-establish some kind of routine. I managed two rows of knitting on the baby blanket while sitting in the car at soccer practice on Tuesday, but then realised I'd made a mistake and had to unpick the work I'd done!

Aside from flinging together a delicious sweet'n'sour chicken dish inbetween chauffeuring commitments, I have managed to make a super little hat this week out of remnants from my stash. It is going to Tanzania to help an African child keep warm. It was hugely satisfying to create something from scratch that could make the difference between life and death for a child living a world away. Small things can mean so much.


Rudee said...

It's a very pretty hat. I agree, charity knitting is very satisfying.

Joanne said...

New to your blog, enjoyed browsing. Esp like the baby blanket, so pretty with all those hearts. Very nice things you make, peaceful here.

Kimmie said...

That is so lovely! To make something from the heart for a stranger a world away. I think the children of the 3rd world are used to getting the world's hand-me-downs ..... and I'm sure it doesn't enter their minds to complain or think twice about that. We should all be so special :)

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