Friday, August 22, 2008

Harvest Time

I've been busy in the kitchen this week. It's harvest time in the garden, at least as far as the cucumbers are concerned! I'm overrun. I managed to make several pints of Bread and Butter Pickles yesterday. Thankfully the weather turned cooler so it wasn't as hot work as it might have been.

I also made about 8 pints of mint jelly out of some fresh apple juice that the children didn't like and mint from the garden. It'll go well with lamb in the winter. My tomatoes are beginning to go orange too so we're all very excited. As soon as they ripen, I'll be busy again!

I've almost finished my second set of curtains too. Just had to wait for the rod to be put up so that I can hem them to fit. It'll be good to have this done and return to some semblance of order in the house before the children go back to school.

On the knitting front, I am making headway on the blanket I am knitting for my niece. Just two more pattern repeats to go and it will be finished. I have enjoyed working on it while watching the Beijing Olympics in the evenings. I can hardly believe that it is almost over.

I have also contacted Plymouth Yarn about the disasterous batch of Oh My! that I used. They wanted lot/dye numbers etc. I am now awaiting a response from that e-mail.

(Sorry there are no pictures. Can't find the camera cable. I suspect someone else in the house has used it and not returned it yet!)

I also recently received this wonderful Blogging Friends Forever award from my friend Kimmie over at Art In Red Wagons. Do pay her a visit. She is a wonderfully talented artist. (Thanks for thinking of me, Kimmie!)


Kimmie said...

I love reading about all the homey projects you've got going on! Over here on my end - I've picked up a pattern for felted clogs. I figured that if I buy the pattern I'm commited - and if I'm successful - I can make a bunch of them :)
I would love your opinion/advice etc. .......

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

You bet, Kimmie.

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