Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well, I've been getting on with it! I decided the only way to get over the hurdle with the jacket was to attack the project and set aside everything else until it's done. On Saturday I sat down and seamed all the pieces so that it now actually resembles a jacket.

Sunday's Uefa cup final was the perfect opportunity to set to and knit the garter stitch hat. In between the excitement, I knitted away trying to maintain my gauge despite the tension created by the game. DD1 was rooting for Germany, but I had great hopes for the Spanish side. It created an interesting atmosphere in our family room. This was also when I really got hit by the major problem with this yarn. The "Oh My" sheds terribly! I kept having to pick little fluffy white lumps off my clothes, hair and face. Not exactly a joy.

I also got round to getting DD2 to model her finished Odessa. She's thrilled with it, although with 120F heat on our back deck this past weekend, it'll be some time before she actually needs to wear it!

By the way, Spain won!!

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Sherral said...

what a cool beanie. I want one! Great job!

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