Saturday, June 28, 2008


Knitting time has diminished recently, due mainly to the necessity of clearing out the house. It's that time of year when I need to have a thorough sort out while the children are off school and I'm not spending every waking moment running errands or transporting them somewhere. The garden has also demanded some attention now that the sunshine has finally arrived, so I've been outside pulling up some of the thousands of weeds that sprouted during all the rain we've had.

To make matters worse, I've been going through a rough patch in the fiber arts department. The Oh My! jacket is continuing at snails pace. I just wish I could make myself sit down and get it over with. The pieces are all completed and I've sewed the shoulder seams up, but I really just need to allot some time to completing the beast. The envelope and cuddly toy are all ready to send it off to my niece in England, but the will to complete it is elluding me.

One of the button holes is looking a bit on the large side too. What do I do? Buy bigger buttons? I got a tip at my Thursday knitting group this week. They suggested I just sew some yarn through the edge of the hole to make it smaller. I think I'll run with that option as I've already bought the buttons.

Just to make life complete I then 'frogged' my sons sock. No, this is not some ancient amphibian ritual, but according to my American friends it means you've ripped the work from the knitting needles - 'Rip it, Rip it, Rip it' - sounds like a frog, you see!

I had almost finished it too. I've certainly learned the hard way why they say that varigated yarn is not really suitable for cable patterns. You get an interesting texture to the fabric, but you cannot see your work very well. I had the increasing feeling that I was doing a lot of work and not seeing the benefit of it. In the end I just couldn't bare to think about having to make another sock exactly the same, so I bravely tore it off the needles and felt a great sense of relief as I started again.

Oh, the joy of frogging!
Also had an exciting encounter in the kitchen with a bunch of Swiss Chard. Check out the recipe.


Rudee said...

Just sit down and finish the jacket. I'd advise the same on the button holes. It'll look fine.

It is liberating to frog what isn't working for you. It's better than setting it aside where it'll just sit on needles you need for something more productive.

I'm off to look at your cooking site now!

wildethymeknits said...

That's exactly what I decided to do Rudee. It's almost done!!

Mrs Petersson said...

Spooky... The world of knitting is really marvelous. There you are on the other side of the world with the same Fabel yarn and flower seeds as me... I find it easier to frog things now in the summer when I have more time to start over, when I'm working my knitting time is more valuable. I think I will be re-knitting the same sock all week...

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