Friday, April 10, 2009

Project Progress And A Friday Funny

Well, I thought I'd give you a little update on the projects going on here at Wilde Thyme this week. The main thing is that I've finished the neck trim on the Sample Sweater from "The Tailored Sweater" workshop. I decided to go for a picot edging, but then loved the openwork too much to actually hem it. As the yarn is Cascade Sierra Quatro, a cotton/wool blend, the openwork seemed to add that Spring-like feel to the piece so I've stuck with it. Just got to sew in the ends and block it now.

The Two-At-A-Time, Toe-Up socks in Broadripple pattern are coming along wonderfully. I even took them with me to the DOL on Wednesday when I had to renew my Driver's licence (yes, I've been here long enough to warrant a second visit to the Department Of Licencing!) I knew the queue would be bad so I went prepared. I came out with a new licence and several rounds of the sock gussets completed.

Out in the garden, the peas in pots are beginning to snake their way up the garden canes that I added for support and P.A has industriously built me my first raised bed. After last years successful container crops, we've gone for a bigger option this year. We did decide not to get too carried away though and have only built one 4'x8' bed. Coupled with the containers, this should be more than enough to manage (baby steps and all that.) Mind you, as I used up yet another jar of homemade tomato sauce this week in a pasta dish, the temptation to grow as many plants as possible was quite overwhelming!

Finally, I came across this book in a thrift store and just had to pick it up. Anything Norwegian is always a temptation, but the prospect of Ole and Lena jokes whenever we need them was irresistable. Last night P.A. and I kept dipping into it and sharing a good laugh. It is just what we need right now.

So here's a Friday Funny for you, courtesy of Ole and Lena:-

Ole had the misfortune of having his car stolen from right in front of his house. He chased the escaping car thief for three blocks until he ran out of breath. Upon reporting the theft to the police, the officer asked Ole if he could identify the thief.
"No," said Ole, "but I got the license number."


Rudee said...

Very funny. Truth be told, I don't know my license plate number. Maybe I should get a vanity plate, like luv2knt, then I wouldn't be stumped. The socks are looking good (and so is the sweater).

Rose said...

The sweater looks great! Also the raised bed; my husband built one too, so I'll be sharing some pictures soon.

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