Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kid's Keyhole Scarf

I finally finished creating the PDF for this scarf which I originally designed for my cousin's 3yr old son. They had been everywhere looking for a scarf suitable for a small boy and in the end they asked me if I could knit one for him. I spent several weeks just mulling the project over in my mind while I got on with other things. What yarn should I use? Which stitch pattern would look good? How could I make my little friend feel independent when he got himself ready to go outside?

Unsure if he was sensitive to wool and needing a yarn which would hold a stitch pattern well, I settled on Encore by Plymouth Yarn. I figured this acrylic/wool mix would be easy to clean in the event of an accident and the vast range of colours it comes in was another plus. I settled on blue.

The Mock cable stitch gives the scarf a warm cosy look and the keyhole design means that small hands can slip one end through the large hole unaided encouraging independence. It also means less bulk at the neck, enabling the child to still be able to swallow or move their head whilst wearing the scarf!

Older children seem to like it too. If the length is too short for them, you can just make it longer, but remember to adjust the placing of the keyhole too. My son actually likes the shorter scarf because it doesn't get in the way when he's playing, but keeps his neck draft free. He also thinks it looks cool!

To access the PDF file just click on the picture in the side bar. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Kimmie said...

I just love the love and care and thought that went into every aspect of this - only a mom would think of most of those things :) .... another plus is that it would not easily fall of and become lost

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