Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not Exactly Flying

Well, I wouldn't say that 'socks soar on two needles' exactly, but mine are coming along. I've completed the small ribbed cuff, the st st leg and a very nice (and probably hard wearing) heel flap, which I've also turned. The yarn is a simple Lion Brand Wool Prints in this delightful pink, plum and peach colourway. I'm using it because US 6 circular needles are the only ones I have in both the 16" and 24" lengths required for this Two-At-A-Time technique.

It's been an interesting process so far. Starting off was a bit of a nightmare. I just kept getting all twisted up and sometimes the entire project looked like it had had a major fight with the cat! It wasn't until I was at least halfway down the leg that things began to settle down a bit. Having two different sized needles was actually a good thing because it made it easier to tell where you'd got to if you had to put your work down for any reason. There have been times though when I've thought that perhaps it would be easier to knit two socks simultaneously using the Magic Loop technique (i.e. have two needles the same size with one sock on each and just pick them up and put them down as the pattern or the knitter's whim dictates.)

So far, I'm really not sure if this method is an improvement on Magic Loop or not? I think I'm going to love finishing two socks at the same time, but the road to victory may just have too many pot holes for me.


Dawn said...

I have a video of knitting two socks at the same time with two circs. From a book I would never have gotten it! LOL! Good luck!

Rudee said...

You give me hope. I have that same book, but never got around to it. I bought Cat Bordhi's sock book too. I'll have to take a more open minded book. In the mean time, I'm stuck on my dpns.

Kimmie said...

You have such fun imagery with the "fight with the cat" bit! I can relate! I don't mind doing socks one at a time cuz they just go so fast - I think I'll hold off on any cat fights just yet :)

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