Friday, March 6, 2009

Frost Bite

It was -5C (23F) here this morning. My summer garden table was covered in a heavy frost and the wooden front steps were, once again, lethal to any early morning visitor not 'in the know.' Winter has returned.

Frankly, I blame the groundhog! Seeing his shadow and scurrying back into his burrow, doomed us to an extended winter. What a pessimist. Let's face it, he's the one that nature blessed with a pretty warm coat. Wimping out and leaving the rest of us to brave the elements without adequate natural protection, was a pretty poor show, in my opinion.

Still, it appears that he's not the only pessimist out there right now. The western world seems to be having one long pity party, at least that's what the media would like us to indulge in. Don't get me wrong, I know that things are bad (the evidence is only to plain to see) and we all deserve to have a good old cry from time to time, but the constant run of bad news just does nothing for a person's mojo.

My 'joie de vivre' has been sorely lacking this week. I knew it was bad when I took DD2 to the doctors yesterday, armed with my Magic Loop sock, and couldn't manage to muster the desire to knit a stitch. My feet are crying out for another pair of socks, but the circumstances leading up to our visit had left me so depleted that I couldn't be bothered to pick up my needles.

I know that it's time to take action when even my knitting ceases to be a comfort. Step one is to get off my butt and get to yoga today. Even although I know the exercises will half kill me, those natural endorphins really can't be beaten! This should leave me mentally fired up enough to keep the news switched off and the knitting needles switched on. Then, if I can finish that pair of socks, not only will my feet be free from frost bite, but my mind will be too.

Wish me luck.


Kimmie said...

I've been having days like that too .... I'm looking forward to spring and healthier kids!

Rudee said...

No news is good news Jane. I've misplaced my joy this week too, and I've not picked up my needles since Wednesday. I've been trying to finish the Textured Tunic sweater in time for my daughter to wear on St. Patrick's Day. I'm only 2 half sleeves away from the end. Incidentally, the sun is shining here and the temp is 64 glorious degrees. Even that hasn't lifted my spirits yet, but it is warm enough to through open the windows and air a little of winter out of this place.

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