Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Technically Challenged

So, along with everything else I fill my days with, like running 3 children around, washing, cooking, cleaning, ironing (not so much of that lately) and seeing to the cat, rabbits and trying not to forget the betta fish.........(pauses for breath), I have been trying to work out how to upload my beautifully written and laid out PDF file of the African Hope Hat on to Ravelry?

Today I did it. I now have my first 'free' download available to all here and on our favourite knitting networking site. I'm sure there are other more technical things that I can do with this pattern, but they'll have to wait for another day. My time is almost up.

I have this:


and this waiting for me (not exactly this, but something similar.)

Yes, I have a date with my husband for lunch, which is indeed such a rare occurance that I fully expect to find a group of anthroplogists camped outside the restaurant ready to document such an unusual sighting!


Dawn said...

Thanks so much for the Awesome pattern! :)

Kimmie said...

I have saved the download to my desktop folder - and I must say it is a beautiful and professional looking download! I feel as though I must pay you something for it!

I hope your lunch was lovely! Did it feel somewhat clandestine? That would really make it special!

Rudee said...

Well thanks for the pattern.

Jane said...

Lunch was lovely thanks, Kimmie and yes it did feel a little clandestine.

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