Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sea Urchin

In the spirit of exhibiting my FO's (because I've actually got some at last!), here are the completed pictures of Sea Urchin too.

Now you may remember the issues that I had with this in the beginning. The good news is that it was all worth it in the end. Blocking was an important part of the creative process with this hat as it really set the lacework and has shown it off in its best light.

I think this hat is destined to become one of my all time faves. I've only been wearing it for a week and people comment on it everywhere I go!


CT said...

GGRRRR! It looks fierce! better than in the previous photos! you rock girl!

Jane said...

Thanks CT. Lovin' this hat!

Kathy said...

Came out beautiful! May give it another try.

Rudee said...

I like the lace. Did the author of this pattern tweak it after you worked out the kinks?

Jane said...

Indeed she did, Rudee. The pdf on Rav is updated and my project page also includes a step-by-step of how I got to this wonderful finished result.

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