Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time Challenged.

Now, I think I've managed about twenty rows on DH's hat this weekend. I've spent most of my time at The Little Guy's soccer tournament, but I did get lucky enough with the weather to sit in my chair and knit a few rounds inbetween games.

It was something of a relief therefore to get home last night and get back to the relaxation of my Central Park Hoodie. I knitted the second sleeve up as far as I had got on the first one and I'm now completing them together. I just have to try not to get too sidetracked while I'm doing them so that I work on the same sleeve twice and then find I'm ahead on that one and not the other!

Bit of a challenge there.


Rudee said...

You're moving along on those sleeves, aren't you? It does require a bit of attention doing it this way but I like it.

Kimmie said...

Do you work the 2 sleeves at the same time to be sure you get them both the same? I guess that makes sense, doesn't it? Is this project for you? It's going to be gorgeous! ... Oh and your DH's hat is looking very macho ;)

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

Yes, Kimmie. The idea is to work them side by side, so that they turn out the same. Not that they don't when you do them separately, it's just easier. In the days before circulars I always did them one at a time.

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