Thursday, November 13, 2008

Busy, Busy!

So, life is flying by. There's so much going on that my mind is a constant blurr and if it wasn't for the use of my calendar, people in white coats would be carting me away by now!

I've reached that time of year when our household becomes overwhelmed by school, Christmas preparations, sporting events and business trips. We always seem to peak at least a month before everyone around us, which I put down having so many family and friends living a world away. We have to be organised in order to catch the Christmas mail before the rush, which makes November a busy month. British Christmas food is often prepared well in advance too (all that alcohol it contains is a wonderful preservative), so again this month is a crazy one in the kitchen too. (This is the theory anyway. I'm late, so it's not actually happening in practice yet.) I must schedule in a weekend to make those Christmas puddings!!

On the knitting front though, I've managed to make quite a bit of headway. The right front of the Central Park Hoodie was completed at the weekend, when it was pouring with rain outside. I managed to get some peace in the house and listened to a CD of Jeffrey Archer's book "A Prisoner of Birth" while I worked. (By the way, I can highly recommend this book.)

Now I'm on to the sleeves. I adore the cable work snaking up them and am getting impatient to see the whole thing put together.

I am doing them one at a time, but in future I might consider knitting them simultaneously. The circular needles are long enough to take two sleeves at once and I hope I'd stand a better chance of remembering which row I've increased on so that they turn out the same. If I forget to increase in every 8th row on one and not the other, I could end up with one slightly different to the other. This would surely be much less likely if they were knit side by side?

In fact, now that I've decided that, I may just go away now, wind another ball of yarn and cast on the second sleeve before the first one becomes too big. Then I can finish them both at the same time!


Rudee said...

I am knitting the sleeves to my pink sweater side by side. It's easiest when you use two different skeins and hold the balls in baggies while you do this. You can also knit the two fronts side by side as well! I highly recommend this method. I saw Rositta's CPH and fell in love with it. I may be slow, but hopefully, I'll get around to that one too. I'm in the finish up before I cast on phase this week. That may change with the wind. Your puddings sound enticing, almost intoxicating! hahahahaha. I'm still waiting for my syrup to come from Amazon to make the recipe you sent me.

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

I just wound my second ball of yarn and have started the ribbing on the second sleeve this evening. I shall catch up to the first one and then finish them together. So glad you do this too and can recommend it Rudee.
Hope the Parkin turns out well! I just froze the second one of my two as DH is heading out of the country tomorrow and it'll go off before he returns. It's his favourite.

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