Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fiber Fanatic

I seem to be getting overexcited! I don't know what it is: the time of year, pending election or just my mood, but I seem to have so many projects either on the go or queued.

It's ridiculous. I'm passionately pursuing yarn as if I'm an addict (I'm not, am I??!!). I have so many knitting books on loan from the library that hubby has started looking at me with a "don't-mind-her-she's-one-skein-short-of-a-bag" sort of expression on his face and I'm perusing knitting magazines and websites like a woman possessed. Suddenly my thirst is unquenchable.

Then I wonder why I have no time for knitting!

It's not as if I'm exactly overrun with hours in the day to complete my projects anyway. With three active children and an absent spouse (he travels), I have more than enough to do just holding hearth and home together and trying to get to grips with American culture. To be struck down by sweaty palms and a racing heart just by the sight of the latest copy of "Interweave Knits" is really more than a woman can bear.

I need therapy!

I'd better go and cast on. After all knitting really is the best therapy I know.


Kathy's Hands Create said...

Tis the season!! Enjoy!

Rudee said...

You sound perfectly normal to me.

Dawn said...

I concur, there's no problem here! ;O)

I just wish I could knit a whole lot faster to use up a bit of my stash! Enjoy!!

PS. I found you finally on Rav! I was spacing between your name and it kept coming up with "no matches". Only took a whole day to dawn on me to "smoosh" it! duh! LOL!

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

Thank goodness I'm normal! Thanks for the reassurance everyone.

Glad you found me Dawn. One day I'll work out how to transfer those WIPs from Rav to the blog as well.

Kimmie said...

Maybe it's contagious :) ... I'm finding excuses to not do other things and just knit instead ...

Anonymous said...

Knitting IS the best! Keeps your hands and brain happy and busy.

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