Friday, October 31, 2008

Catching Up

It's Halloween, a great occasion for dressing up here in the US. DD2 has to play in her school band tonight at a High School football game. They are all dressing up in Halloween costumes for the event. She had planned to dress as black panther and started knitting K. Schmidts Official Kitty62 Hat last weekend. By Sunday night she'd completed the main part of the hat, only to discover that it was too small. She stretched it over a plate for a few hours which, thankfully, made it wearable. By Wednesday though, panic was setting in. She'd never made earflaps before or picked up stitches, so it was Mum to the rescue. I took over the project and started making the earflaps, I-cord ties and the ears.

It's now countdown time and I have one ear to go. I've already told her that we'll have to forego the pom-poms. There's just not enough time for that. Will I make it? I have 5hrs before she needs to wear it!

Meanwhile, I've almost finished the left front of the Central Park Hoodie. I'm still loving making this piece. Cables are my thing. I just love the artistry of them.

Next time I will knit this jacket in the round though. It's a little frustrating going through the same process up to the armholes three separate times (and I hate sewing up seams), but it's a good exercise in sweater construction, I suppose.

My yarn arrived for hubby's Christmas hat too. Now I'm really committed to making him one. I've picked out the pattern and am sure he'll love wearing it when he's out in the garage or roaming the garden. It's KnitPicks Telemark in a deep navy.


Kathy's Hands Create said...

Don't we knitters work well under pressure?!! Enjoy seeing the progress on your hoodie.

Rudee said...

Have you considered knitting the 2 fronts side by side on a long cable? I've started doing this to cut down on cast aside projects. It's helping.

Kimmie said...

Oh it's days like that that take a year or two off our life - I swear it! But then we gain them back in May right around Mother's Day! Bless you - for a job well done!

Psyched2Knit said...

I hope all went without a hitch!

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