Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ready For Change?

Pattern:"Tomten" by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Materials:Yarn: Plymouth Encore
Needles: US 8

I have a man in my garage!

Yes, along with the three children lurking somewhere in the bedrooms and the visiting parents in the garden, I now have a husband working in my garage! In the absense of a home office, poor P.A. has been forced to take up residence in the only other quiet spot in the house...his beloved garage workshop.

The start of September has seen several changes here at Wilde Thyme including the slow disintegration of the job that brought us to America. With the lease up on his company's offices, working from home has just kind of happened, but for how long we don't know. Naturally we are "down" but by no means are we "out" yet. Let's face it, we are British and that stiff upper lip is alive and well and living at our house!! For want of a better analogy: "The show's not over until the fat lady sings!"

So with fortitude we have launched ourselves into our new routine. I can no longer go in and out of my house via the garage, but must now remember to take the front door key with me to lock and unlock the main door. This could well leave me searching my pockets, handbag and the car glove compartment on a regular basis, but I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually. Nipping out to the grocery store today though meant moving the truck, then my car, then replacing the truck, before I could drive my parents out. This was after I'd been on a hunt for P.A.'s keys. Reaching the freezer also caused a small hiccup as well. It now supports a fax machine so I'm going to have to get myself slightly more organised when it comes to defrosting things.

Thank goodness for "Tomten". I've been taking EZ's advice and have been 'knitting through all crisis.' Yesterday I took my knitting to my daughter's pediatrician's office. I'd just settled down to start, when the doctor walked in to see us. Thankfully she's a fellow knitter and was quite happy for me to continue with my garter stitch while we all talked. I managed several rows on one of the fronts while we discussed vaccination charts and medical insurance.

In fact, I really am going great guns on this project. I'm almost looking forward to the day I get trapped in the car by rain at soccer practice. Just imagine it, an entire hour out of 'the mad house', alone with my knitting! Now that's a change I'm ready for.


Rose said...

I know how you feel; waiting is sometimes a gift; when I got my tire changed last week I had two offers of a ride instead of waiting and turned them both down in favor of some enforced sitting & knitting time!

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

you'll get used to the new routine and at least hubby has somewhere to hide/work

Rudee said...

Ouch. I hope things turn around for your family. I'm sure the loss of a little space is probably worth the fact that he still has work. Lets hope that stays for you.

I found the same type of peace knitting the baby surprise jacket by EZ. Toward the end, I was good and tired of garter stitch, but putting it together was pure magic. I've read elsewhere that Meg Swanson is going to elaborate on that pattern. That will be nice.

Jane said...

Sounds good Rudee. I'll keep my eyes open for Meg Swanson's elaboration of that pattern.

The work will finish soon and hopefully he won't have got frost bite before then! Meanwhile I've got an eager recipient for my knitted items hiding downstairs! 'Every cloud...' and all that.

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