Thursday, July 9, 2009

We Have Growth

Well, the chart is working for me. Slowly but surely I am seeing growth in this project and I'm maintaining my stitches. Sometimes I find that I miscount because one of the YOs has got wrapped around the next stitch, so the best solution I've found is to count my stitches as I purl the even rows. I've also put an extra marker on each end to denote the two knit stitches that make the top edge of the shawl. Just having one on the right side row was not working for me. When I purled back, I'd just forget when I'd got to the edge and P2 instead of K2.(sigh)

The best thing though is that DD2 has been inspired to start again. Seeing my 4 inches of work now, she has been motivated to pick up her needles again and crack on with her green version. She's using a smaller needle though (which doesn't bode well in my opinion) but she's managed to get to the start of the Budding Lace repeats.

What's amazed me though, is that she's decided to 'put in a lifeline' to prevent herself having to rip the whole thing out yet again if she makes a mistake! She googled 'lifelines' and has worked out what to do. Honestly, she's making me feel totally reckless jogging on as I am, without a safety net!

Anyway, time will tell. I'm crossing my fingers that I can get to the end of the 14 repeats (I'm halfway!!) and then may be I'll consider a lifeline too before I start the Lilly Of The Valley pattern. With all those nupps to do, it sounds like a good idea to me.


Rudee said...

Since you've taunted the fates, I'd suggest sinking a lifeline now. I didn't use one because I thought it would be a pain on a circular shawl. I did drop one little stitch that instantly unraveled 4 rows. I was lucky it was in a stockinette part of the shawl and not the lace portion. Right now, I have 3 lifelines in place. More to come!

I hope DD2 uses the right size needles for the work to look airy. Skinny yarn + bigger needles make the lacework more open and the closed work less bulky. Good luck to her (and you).

Rositta said...

Good for you and DD2. I've frogged mine and put it away, maybe forever. I'm really bad with charts and found the written instructions tedious. Maybe someday...ciao

Almost American said...

Ooh thanks! I hadn't heard of lifelines - but they make a lot of sense for certain patterns/yarns!

Sara said...

this is beautiful, where is the pattern from?

Frida said...

That pattern is sooo lovely. Looking forward to se it finished :)

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