Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Projects

Well my projects this summer have not been of the knitting variety. Sad to say, I have not picked up my needles for over a week. It is all because I have needed to work on that 'To Do' list that I planned at the beginning of the year. Starting to paint our house has been this year's major project. You see, we think that it hasn't been done since it was built 16yrs ago!
You can imagine what condition the walls are in by now. Thankfully nothing is peeling, but they really are so dry that just one whiff of emulsion and they cry out for attention. To say they are thirsty is an understatement.

So this week, while my girls were away, I tackled the last of the kids bedrooms. DD2 was the lucky recipient, after all, I just couldn't pass up the chance of having a spare room to put all her stuff into and no one to rehouse in someone elses room during the process. It was a golden opportunity.

It was also hard work. The walls were full of pin holes that had to be filled and sanded. Then the entire room (including the closet) was daubed with basecoat and finally, several days later, I started painting the ceiling. It was backbreaking work even with my trusty roller taped with duct tape to the top of a mop handle. By the end of the day my legs ached from running up and down the ladder and the stairs. My feet were also so sore from walking barefoot on plastic, that I swear I was going lame. By Saturday I enlisted P.A's help to paint the final two walls green.

Yesterday we started moving the furniture back in. It was just like doing a Makeover TV show as we counted down the hours until the girls would arrive home. Such a shame that they arrived back from New Orleans in the early hours of the morning, so I haven't seen them yet. Still, I know DD2 will love it. At last her American bedroom is truly hers and I can tick another project off that giant list!


Rudee said...

My favorite color, Jane. It's beautiful.

Liz said...

Guess what we're busy doing - yep decorating!!!

Hope our lounge, dining room and kitchen look as good finished!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely- very fresh looking - like something out of a catalogue!

knittingqueen said...

oh, painting in this heat--I can't even think about it! But it looks great!

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

it looks wonderful! my DD is busily discarding her childhood stuff to get her room revamped (her plans ,not ours), so its very inspirational to see a beautiful tidy room.

Jane said...

Thanks all. I'm so glad it's done. I loved taking the finished picture because ofcourse it was the only time it looked as good as that! As soon as she got home, Suze, it was full of clutter again. LOL!

Winifred said...

That looks so fresh and clean. Lovely.

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