Monday, June 29, 2009

Size Matters

Well, I finally managed to pick up the sticks and string again yesterday after a whole week of D.I.Y. It was a blessed relief I can tell you. I have done enough filling, sanding, priming and painting to last me, oh, several weeks at least. As if the world knew how much I needed the respite, the sun came out as well. I spent the afternoon sitting on the back deck listening to David Reidy on my iPod and working on a sample Kid's Keyhole Scarf that I started a couple of months ago.

I also managed to finish the African Hope Hat that has been wandering around with me for months hidden in my purse. (There hereby follows a major lesson!) Now I really must insist that you NEVER, repeat NEVER leave a purse project in your handbag for months at a time. It would seem that it is absolutely imperative to gauge that your work sees the light of day on a regular basis.

You see, after I'd excitedly sewn in the ends of my project and stepped back to admire it, it just didn't look quite right. For one thing, I hadn't been measuring properly (couldn't always find the tape measure) and as I'd only managed the odd round here and there inbetween picking up a kid from an activity, there was just no continuity. The pattern looked continuous (and is indeed correct)..........but the gauge is totally off!

The hat is child-sized.

I can only surmise that my tension (in every sense of the word) was so 'up-the-swany' that the hat turned out smaller than I'd intended. I guess that's what you get when you have way too many W.I.P's. Still, it won't be wasted. As the hat was originally designed as a charity project, I shall just put it away until such a time as a charity needs it.

Still, I'd really better get a handle on this 'creating some more F.O's thing.' If hibernation always leads to gauge issues, there are a variety of items that I could end up having trouble with, a sweater for P.A. for one. I don't think he'd be too happy if I claimed "expansion of his girth" rather than "reduction in my gauge" as the reason for problems with fit!


Rudee said...

"Expansion of his girth" LMAO. I will remember that one!. I have a few too many projects languishing while I knit that shawl. I swear, I only have 5 weeks to get it done for submission and I'm worried because I have other things due around the same time. Since it may be the last Michigan State Fair for awhile, I want to enter the beast.

BTW, I love the hat and the scarf.

Jane said...

Good luck with the shawl. It's really looking beautiful, you must enter it in the State Fair.

Rose said...

The hat is lovely. Someone will enjoy it, even if it's not the person you intended, right?

Kimmie said...

it would be adorable on a teddy bear too ..... until you find just the right pint sized person :)

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