Friday, May 22, 2009

The Yarn Magnet

My name's Jane and I'm a yarnaholic.

It's been,...oh.....nearly 24hrs since my last acquisition.....but it's ok people, IT WAS ANOTHER GIFT!

Yes, I went to my knitting group yesterday and my friend and fellow knitter, Tinki, gifted me this gorgeous Jojoland Harmony that she'd won on the LYS Tour. Knowing my present predelection for all-things-lace, she sweetly passed the skein in my direction. Oh, the feverish excitement. My heart started racing at the prospect of yet another lace project and images of fine wool scarves flashed through my mind. It took me a good ten minutes and a strong latte to calm down. In fact I swear that my ADD tendencies are leading me into a state of perpetual WIP's.

I found myself sitting next to Kristin of AllSpunUp yesterday and we had that exact conversation. I was truly impressed with her fortitude when it comes to not going over the '3 projects on the needles at once' thing. I always seem to have so many WIP's that I end up overwhelmed with choice and project bags (I had to climb over 3 last night just to get to my knitting chair!) Still, I need a lot of variety in life I guess. As much as I long for a simpler existence, the moment I get it I'm bored. It's the same with knitting.

Acquiring yarn is often the catalyst for a new project. I get so excited by the prospect of working with my new yarn that I just have to plan a project. If I can manage to thrust the new skeins into the bulk of the stash as soon as I get them, then I'm in with a fighting chance of survival, but if not, I'm doomed to trawling Ravelry for a suitable pattern or sketching something out myself.

It's hard being an addict.(sigh)

Take that blue Wilma that I was given last weekend. I've already decided that I'm going to make a February Lady Sweater with it. I've wanted to make one for a while and suddenly I've found myself in posession of just the yarn to make it with. The temptation to CO is immense.

Instead, I sat calmly next to Kristin yesterday, trying to suppress my obvious yarn magnetism, and watched as she knitted up one of her beautiful skeins of handdyed yarn into a pair of socks. She passed a finished one towards me to fondle. It was dreamily soft and painted in earthy hues of greens and golds. The magnetic field must have kicked in though, because a moment later she gave me a knowing look and put it safely back into her bag (either that or it was the drool seeping from the corner of my mouth!) My chance to slip the sock on to my foot and conveniently forget about it had passed me by.

Instead I came home, blocked the Misti Lace Scarf (much to the rest of the family's fascination who were all very intrigued by the wires and T-pins) and set about pondering the Harmony.

Hmmm. Now, I wonder what you're meant to be?


Rudee said...

It's beautiful Jane. DOn't worry about being a fiberholic, you aren't alone.

How many yards of wool in that skein? THat could guide you.

Jane said...

880 glorious yards, although I'm having to fight to keep it. (All will be explained.)

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