Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hurrah! David Reidy was back from his recent break this week with more "Sticks & String." I haven't been listening for long, but I've already discovered that I love this podcast. David's calm, natural style in front of the microphone and his soothing use of folk music, make this show a total pleasure to the ear (his Aussie accent does no harm either!)

I suddenly realised yesterday that it was the beginning of May (I think it was paying the bills that did it!) which meant that the latest series of "Sticks & String" would have been broadcast last Sunday. I raced to iTunes, downloaded the show to my iPod and then proceeded to tune out the sibling rivalry going on around me while I tackled the mountain of ironing (formerly known as Everest) which lay before me.

Never has the ironing been quite so enjoyable.

I was instantly transported to Australia where I attended the Sydney Royal Easter Show and learned a lot about how not to hang knitting exhibits! I also discovered what makes the Blue Mountains look blue.

As David uttered his closing knitting slogan, "Carpe Lanum," (sieze the wool) I finished the last of the days ironing and set the iron to cool down again. I unplugged my earbuds and found myself abruptly back in the world of teenage angst and Littlebrotheritis.

It had been a pleasant interlude.

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Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

I love listening to him too, a very interesting thoughtful man.

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