Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today P.A. and I have been married for 20 years. Quite an achievement really, it's almost half of my life. In fact it's very strange to think that I have indeed known this man for half of my life. We honestly feel no different from the way we did all those years ago. If it wasn't for the three children and the few grey hairs we've acquired along the way...oh, and the few extra pounds around the middle........then we'd still think we were in our 20's.

Instead we have teenagers to keep us in check with their "Oh, Mum, do you really have to do that?" or "Dad! You just don't understand!" (Oh, how I'd love to strap on my inline skates and zoom off down the local bike trail without having to worry about their street cred!)

Yes, we've reached the age of embarrassment.

Thankfully we are no longer an embarrassment to the older generation. In appreciation of our marital milestone we received this surprise gift from my mum and step-dad. Entitled "Breakfast In Bed" by Wine Country Gifts, it's the perfect present for two people trying to recapture their youth!


Rudee said...

Happy Anniversary Jane. The gift from your mother is perfect.

Dawn said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! This year is my 20th as well (Sept). Have a happy day! :)

Kathy said...

The best to both of you. Enjoy the gifts.

knittingqueen said...

Happy Anniversary! We just reached 19 years, so I understand how you feel! Sometimes it seems like we just got married, until I look back at all we have been through. 20 years--that is an accomplishment of which to be proud!

Jane said...

Thanks All. Yes, we're racking up the years now. Quite an achievement.

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