Friday, March 13, 2009

Colour Coordinated

On Wednesday I went to have lunch with P.A. again. Yes, I know, it's pretty unbelievable but after 17yrs with kids, nearly 20yrs of marriage and 7mths of almost continuous travelling on his part, we've learned to have our 'date' time whenever we can!

His office is 'conveniently' located near a fabric and yarn shop, so a quick trip to the neighbouring town for lunch just had to include a visit to the store. I made a beeline for the yarn section and spent a very pleasant half an hour caressing Cascade and hankering after Handspun (sigh). I picked up a packet of point protectors, as I never seem to have enough, and ogled the Addis before moving on to the sock yarns.

What a yummy mistake! It was akin to being on a low fat diet and finding yourself standing in front of a shelf of gooey chocolate eclairs and custard slices. The Noro was naughty, the Trekking (XXL) tasty and the Hand Dyed could just about heave you over the edge.

I was good, I walked away........................but only for about five minutes. When I realised my time was almost up, I swung back, lunged for the object of my lust and promised myself, I'd work off the excess skein with a few more push-ups!

At the check-out, the assistant met me with the standard American greeting, "Did you find everything you were looking for?"
"Yes," I replied jovially, "and something I wasn't."
She seemed surprised, obviously not a yarnaholic. (Bet I could tempt her with a colourful piece of 'Liberty' print though, or a metre of 'Laura Ashley!')

Once I was safely back in the car and my breathing had slowed to an acceptable rate, I eyed my purchase. It took me all of two seconds to realise that the skein of sock yarn I'd chosen was the exact same colours as the outfit I was wearing! Now, how does that happen?!!!


Rudee said...

Oh that's funny! You are color coordinated. When I cast on a project yesterday, I was chuckling that I walked away with the green, and not the blue. I always do that.

knittingqueen said...

Oh, I LOVE Pagewood Farms! You are going to enjoy knitting every single stitch of of that yarn.

Anonymous said...

That yarn is gorgeous.

Rose said...

Good for you! Date time is important. Interesting that your yarn choice was coordinated. Must have been the colors you were feeling that day. I'll have to pay attention to my color choices now.

Jane said...

Yes, the yarn really is dreamy. Every so often I just have to go to my stash and touch it.

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