Monday, February 23, 2009

While I'm Waiting

It was a beautiful day here on Saturday. The sun shone but it was still cold enough to wear my Central Park Hoodie. Yes, I wore it, it's now had its first outing. I put it on in the hope that DH would manage to take some stunning pictures of me outside in the glorious sunshine. Sadly it was not to be. Having been away from home for 6 weeks, the other jobs that had accumulated over that time took all his attention (not to mention the 3 children!) so there was no time for a relaxing photo session. I'm a pretty good photographer myself (spent 4yrs at Uni taking Media Arts), but I can't model and photograph at the same time, without the aid of a remote button and a good deal of contortion.

So I'm waiting............patiently............for him to get round to doing his Strobist thing.

In the meantime I'm cracking on with the little Matinee Jacket that I'm making. Yesterday I spent a lot of time ripping back to get my sizing right on the sleeves. I'm using an old handwritten pattern as inspiration that I wrote up back in the early '80's, but I'm making a smaller size. This is requiring some adjusting as I go. Then ofcourse, I have to knit the second sleeve exactly the same!

It's all good fun.


CT said...

looks nice so far! what yarn are you using?

PS: funny how word verification can make actual words... mine is BARGE

Jane said...

CT- I'm just using a sport/baby acrylic from Yarn Art. It's nothing special but it should be easy to keep clean.

Rudee said...

Looks like you'll be in the pink soon. If I lived closed than 2,000 miles, I'd come take the CPH photos myself. I'm so looking forward to seeing them.

Rositta said...

Very pretty,I like the color. Have you ever considered knitting both sleeves at the same time on circs? I just did that for my sweeties cardi and it seemed less painful (I have second sleeve syndrome. I also did both fronts at the same time...ciao

Jane said...

Rositta - as I CO for the second sleeve I did think about knitting two at once, it's quite a luxury though. When you're designing as you go, I actually find it easier to do each separately. That way you only have one to keep ripping back! The second one then goes twice as fast though because you should have ironed out your problems on the first.

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