Thursday, February 5, 2009

Central Park Hoodie

Well, I'm still working on my Central Park Hoodie. I'm so close to finishing it that I can taste victory, but real life keeps getting in the way and slowing up my progress. I'm not disheartened though. You see, when I do get a large chunk of time in which to work on it, the results are so fantastic, that I'm overjoyed.

On Tuesday I managed to baste and tie one side and arm seam. I then continued to complete the seams by sewing an invisible join. I even managed to work it so that the ribbing on the cuff meets perfectly.

I love invisible seams. I hate sewing them because they are soooo time consuming, but I do love the results. There's no bulk, just beautiful, flat invisible joins. Theresa Vinson Stenersen wrote a great article called "Putting It All Together" for Knitty's Spring issue in 2004. It contains a step-by-step description of how to perform invisible vertical seaming on both stockinette and garter stitch fabrics. The pictures clearly illustrate each step making the process very simple.

Sewing in sleeves is a whole different experience though. It can be very daunting to be faced with one set of horizontal stitches and one set of vertical ones. Theresa has the answer for this too. In another article on sewing in sleeves, she goes through the steps of invisible vertical to horizontal stitching, making the process almost enjoyable.

Now I just have to do the other side and I'll be ready for blocking. Bit nervous about that part, but as my new bottle of Eucalan just arrived from Knit Picks, I'm sure it'll work out fine.


Rositta said...

Your hoodie looks wonderful. Good job on the seaming, your right it takes a little longer but it's worth the effort...ciao

Dawn said...

Wow! Great seams! Now I know who to send things to! LOL! ;O)
(I'm SO not good at it.)

I can't wait to see your CPH done! It's looking awesome.

Jane said...

Thanks Rositta and Dawn, I'm really pleased with it. It's taking me forever, but it's worth the effort. I'm really looking forward to wearing it.

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