Friday, January 23, 2009

No More Stash & Dash!

For me January is always the month of the year when I attempt to get organized for the year ahead. I spend inordinate amounts of time sorting, filing and archiving all of our household papers, I send out long overdue school pictures to our family members in Europe and I go through the kids bedrooms, like a tornado, reducing their clutter.

With this same attitude in mind, I have started to catalogue my stash. With no central area for doing my knitting, I also have no assigned area for my stash, so there are balls of yarn in ziploc bags all over the house! (sound familiar?!!) Consequently, it's very easy to forget exactly what I have.

This is where Ravelry comes in. Thank goodness for their stash page! I have decided to make a concerted effort to get my stash details and pictures online so that I can keep track of it all. Thankfully there's also a little section where you can write down exactly where that item is stored. Hurrah! No more hunting through all my hiding places looking for a needle (skein) in a haystack!


Kimmie said...

How cool is that! It helps that you have a camera back too :)

knittingqueen said...

ooo! I'm so jealous!

Rudee said...

Sounds familiar-except for archiving it all on Rav. I just don't have the patience right now. Maybe after I move.

Anonymous said...

I went through the closet and made 2 bags of "unhappy" yarn, which I then gave to friends at work.

Rose said...

Good for you! I signed up with Ravelry too but my computer isn't playing happy right now; crashes whenever I am on it more than 10 minutes. I'm trying again when our new computer gets here.

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