Tuesday, February 10, 2009

African Hope Hat

Here's a little treat for 2009. I decided that it was time to share my Hope Hat. I made another one over the Christmas vacation and this time I actually wrote the pattern down.

I first made this last Autumn as a charity project for some children in Tanzania. They love bright colours and so I thought that the fun Fair Isle pattern would brighten their days too. This time I decided that it would be the perfect project to use up the yarn I had left over from the Center Square hat.

The African Hope Hat is a great introduction to stranded knitting for those looking for a simple starter project. It can be adjusted to fit a variety of head sizes, although the Patons Classic Wool Merino which I used has enough stretch in it to accommodate most head sizes anyway. The hat is 5.5 inches deep from the CO edge to the start of the crown shaping.

Let me know if you have any problems. Enjoy!
African Hope Hat

Patons Classic Wool Merino: 1 ball Petal Pink 00210 (M)
1 ball Bright Red 00230 (C)

3.5mm circular needle (40cm), UK - 10, US - 4
4mm circular needle (40cm), UK – 8, US – 6
4mm double pointed (dpns) needles

Pattern: 8 stitches in repeat

Gauge/Tension: 5 stitches = 1”

M = main colour
C = contrast colour
CO = cast on
Rnds = rounds

With 3.5mm needles and M, CO 96 sts. Join into a round being careful not to twist sts. Continue in K2, P2 rib for 1”.
Change to 4mm needles and work in stocking stitch (stockinette) for another inch (approx 6 rnds).
Join in contrast colour (C) and prepare to begin colourwork. Remember to keep your strands loose so that your work does not pucker.

Knit every round using following colour sequence:
Rnd 1: 2C,*1M,1C,1M,3C; repeat from * ending 1M,1C,1M,1C.
Rnd 2: 1C,*2M,1C; repeat from * ending 1C,2M.
Rnd 3: 2M,*3C,3M; repeat from * ending 3C,1M.
Rnd 4: 1M,*2C,1M; repeat from * ending 1M, 2C
Rnd 5: 1M,*1C,3M,1C,1M; repeat from * ending 1C,3M,1C.

Continue in C, working in stocking stitch (stockinette ) for 1” (approx 6 rnds.)
Rejoin M and work pattern again working M in place of C and C in place of M.

Work 1” in stocking stitch (stockinette) as before (approx 6 rnds.) Hat measures 5 ½ inches.

Complete hat by shaping crown. Remember to change to double pointed needles (dpns) when necessary so that you decrease evenly.

Shape Crown:
Rnd 1: K6,K2tog
Knit all even numbered rnds.
Rnd 3: K5,K2tog
Rnd 5: K4,K2tog
Rnd 7: K3,K2tog
Rnd 9: K2,K2tog
Rnd 11: K1,K2tog
Rnd 13: K2tog
Rnd 15: K2tog

Using a wool needle, thread yarn through the remaining stitches and secure work on the wrong side.
Weave in all ends.


Kathy said...

I look forward to trying the hat! We knit for an orphanage in Belarus so I'm always looking for something colorful and different.
Thanks for the pattern!

Kimmie said...

Thank you for sharing the pattern! It's a very sweet hat!

Dawn said...

What a great hat! That's so sweet of you to offer the pattern as well! It's another one on my to-do list....

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