Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fisherman's Sweater

At last, my PC is sorted out so I can get back with a few photos!

Here's the Fisherman's sweater that I've started. I've nicknamed it "My Way Gansey" because that's exactly how I'm knitting it - my way. I love the yarn. It's knitting into a wonderfully warm looking fabric. I'm a bit worried that it's going to turn out too big though as my 7sts per inch swatch turned into 6sts per inch once I was knitting in the round. In future I think I'll knit a swatch cap just like they used to in the old days instead of a flat swatch. Apparently gauge over stockinette in flat knitting is sometimes different to gauge in the round, so I've learned something already.

Here are my initials knitted into the bottom right hand side. Next time I'll probably knit those a little further apart too, just so that they show up a bit better.

This is my cable cast on in double yarn (with half the amount of stitches) that I described before. I vented the piece to allow for any restriction that this cast on might give. After all, it's not the most elastic of cast ons, but it should be very hardwearing.

So far I'm enjoying the acres of stockinette stitch required for the main part of the sweater. It makes it an easy piece to take to my knitting group and to work on while I'm watching tv with my family.

Tomorrow I'm planning to finish the Central Park Hoodie, so stay tuned for an update in the near future!


Rudee said...

You've been busy! Cable cast ons make a beautiful edge. I'm looking forward to seeing you CPH.

Rose said...

As someone whose only sweaters have been baby ones (and basic baby ones at that) I'm impressed! Beautiful work.

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