Friday, December 5, 2008

Sock Humour

Humourous moments are what keeps our lives on a steady keel. I had one such moment this week when I went for my annual physical. Now, the doctor's office is not usually a place where I have a lot to smile about, but this time it was different.

When you have a full health check-up, you have to strip down to nothing and put on one of those awful gowns that gape open at the back showing your derriere to the world. The only things you can keep on are your socks.

I was wearing two pairs that day; one white cotton and the outer layer a simple handknit pair made from self-stripe yarn - Reggio by Gjestal. They had been a relatively quick knit, made as they had been not for me, but for my daughter and designed to be practical not ornate.

As I climbed up on to the examination table in my homemade, slightly too large, multi-coloured socks (DD2 is a shoe size 8 and I'm a 6), the doctor was totally enamoured of my socks. In fact, she loved them so much that she pointed them out to the attending nurse!

It was enough to make a grown woman blush (or at least smirk silently to herself!)


Maureen said...

Anything that can lighten the 'mood' during that "scooch down a little further. That's it, now just relax and spread your legs" moment is definitely a good thing ;)

Rudee said...

I love that story! I made a pair for my girlfriend for labor. I assured her that with circulation diverted to her uterus, her feet would be cold. I was right and she wore them throughout labor. When her doctor walked into deliver her son though, the doctor took the socks off her feet telling her they were too nice to get ruined.

Kimmie said...

Yes - and thank God for socks :)

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