Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WIPs And Gifts

Well I finished the Odessa Hat and it looks lovely. The blue beads add a subtle elegant touch to the piece which will suit its recipient perfectly. I also came across the tube of pearl beads that I was sure I'd bought in the summer, but couldn't find when I went to start this project. (That's how I ended up using the blue ones.) I found them in a pocket in my handbag! Looks like I've been walking around with them in there for months!!

I now seem to have several works in progress (WIPs). Despite a totally manic weekend when my time was certainly not my own, I did manage to get myself organised enough beforehand, so that I had a small project with me wherever I happened to be. The project in question is Nicky Epstein's Chameleon again. This is my second version and on Thursday I took a moment to wind a skein of Cascade 220 (whose shade is aptly named Puget Sound) into a suitable ball for the project. I do not have a swift, so resorted to my Nan's tried and tested trick with a couple of chair backs. My greatest challenge was completing this exercise before the cat decided to investigate! Thankfully, I just got finished before my large ginger and white bundle of fluff strolled languidly into the kitchen to check out what I was doing.

I repeated the same procedure with the lilac Cascade 220 that I am using to knit the Central Park Hoodie. I cast on on Saturday evening and am so excited to see this pattern taking shape.

I managed to score a whole bag of this yarn at a closing sale at the beginning of the summer and it's knitting up beautifully.

My other WIP is the Strawberry hat that I'm making for my niece. As I've hit the construction of the top, it's not such a portable project anymore (I actually have to concentrate a bit now!) so I'll be working on it at home over the next few days. It will be another of my Christmas projects completed, so I'm feeling quite pleased with myself now.

I'm now awaiting the arrival of a KnitPicks order which will contain some beautiful yarn for my final Christmas project - a lovely hat for the man in my life. After 20yrs, it's about time I knitted him something!


Hobbygåsa said...

Wow so many great works! I love the Cascade and think it will be a beautiful Hoodie. Greetings from Norway.

Rudee said...

I love the hat. I'm off to the bead store today in anticipation of knitting this hat this weekend. Yours is lovely. I've knit a seed stitch hat this week in Lousia Harding's Grace. That was wonderful to work with but sadly, I had to bust into a second skein to finish the thing. I was hoping one would be enough.

Tonemor said...

Så koselig side du har, og så mye flott du har laget!
Misunner deg tomatene og agurkene. Jeg har som regel hatt ndet på terassen, men ikke i år.
Jeg er enig i at mønsteret på genseren er for stort. Jeg har begynt å rekke den opp igjen og strikker originalt marius genser ja.
Ha en fin dag!

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

Takk for besøk Tonemor og Hobbygåsa og velkommen igjen.
I had the same thing with the Odessa Rudee. I had to break into a second skein, but only for a tiny bit on the top.

Anonymous said...

You've chosen some beautiful colors. And I think I'm going to try your yarn winding technique!

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