Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hat Spotting

Isn't it funny how you start looking at knitted items that other people are wearing. At church on Sunday, I found myself looking at this very sweet little knitted grey jacket that a lady was wearing. It caught my eye because it was a knitted fabric, possibly a handknit, with a very interesting basket weave pattern worked into it.

It's the same when I'm watching my son's soccer games. Now that the weather has turned more autumnal, people are breaking out the winter headgear, so there I am spotting different styles and wondering how I can make them into knitted hats. I then race home and draw a quick sketch, so that I don't forget what I've seen.

In the meantime, I'm cracking on with my Christmas projects. Yesterday, I finished my second Odessa hat and I must say the blue beads on the blue yarn have actually been pleasantly surprising. It's a cute little hat with a very feminine design, which knits up quickly once you get into the pattern.

I have now cast on in King Cole Merino Blend DK for a strawberry hat for my niece. I love this yarn because it's so easy to work with. My pattern is an old one from a Norwegian magazine, which I have used several times before with great success. The little green stitches incorporated throughout really give it the look of a summer fruit. Every child looks cute in this hat!


Rudee said...

I envy you the ability to adapt what you've seen into work. I need things spelled out for me as though for a child. Some patterns, like for socks, I can wing or memorize, but it better not be complicated or I'll be lost. I saw a Norwegian knitting magazine at Borders tonight. I thumbed through to the directions and although they were in English, they might just as well have been in Greek. It was daunting. I'll think about it though-and maybe go back to get it. They had some stunning cabled sweaters in there that look so tempting. hmmmm.

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

Rudee - that magazine sounds interesting. Sometimes these things look harder than they are.

Kimmie said...

Hilary loves her strawberry hat :) you made it for her when she was 3 and she still wears it! When she's not wearing it, one of our teddy bears does!

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