Friday, September 26, 2008

Small Projects And Time Management

I've finished the Chameleon hat and it looks great! It's a wonderful pattern and can be worn in many different ways. You just choose how you want to fold the brim. I decided that I wanted to create a cloche hat style and so folded the hat up higher on one side than the other before I blocked it. The reversable pattern makes it look so effective folded this way. The Frog Tree yarn is beautifully soft and was fine to work with. I really love the look of this hat and will certainly be making more.

I've also finished another Hope hat just in time for it to go off to Tanzania this weekend. The bright green and gold colours are sure to delight an African child.

Meanwhile I've cast on again for those Reggio sock yarn socks that my son has been asking me to make him for the past year. I think he'll be getting them for Christmas. Yes, time is flying and so my thoughts have turned to all those projects I want to get done for Christmas. To narrow them down (and maintain my focus) I'm just going to knit for those I truely love and who appreciate my handmade items. Otherwise I end up stressed out on projects for others and my nearest and dearest have to wait.

Have a good week everyone and 'Keep Clicking!'


Rose said...

Thanks for your comment! I meant to leave one for you back when you showed the picture of herbs in jars, they were so pretty. I showed it to my husband who loves stuff like that. I appreciate the positive thoughts; tgif!!

Rudee said...

I love this hat! What a great pattern

Kimmie said...

Lovely hats! You are gifted - and generous to give it out again - I'm sure you will have quite happy clicking beyond Christmas time :)

p.s. I think your blog is Brillante! .... hence the "Brilliante Weblog Award" posted today (((hugs)))

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

Thanks everyone. I loved this hat too and plan to make another. hats truely are my thing and I think I want to explore them some more, so get ready for plenty of hats here!

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