Thursday, July 10, 2008

Martini Glass Dishcloth

It's hot! At last we have got a taste of summer in all its glory. I've discovered that knitting dishcloths is the perfect summer pastime. I've set aside the baby blanket again as I can't stand all that fabric sitting in my lap when I'm knitting outside. Instead, I'm making dishcloths. They are small and quick to make.

Cotton doesn't have as much give in it as wool which does make my hands ache a bit after a while, but I'm motivated by the fact that I need some dishcloths in the kitchen. Just waiting to see how long these bright coloured Lion Brand Cotton Solids bleed for. That seems to be the downside of this yarn. It bleeds forever. I've taken to throwing the dishcloth into the dishwasher at the end of the day along with all the crockery, to try to rinse it out a bit!

'Be My Dishcloth' turned out great so I then cast on for the Martini Glass Dishcloth by Bavgirl.

This was an even easier knit. I actually preferred it because all the pattern work was done on the right side so you could instantly see if you made a mistake!


Rose said...

Cute! I, too, am knitting washcloths, but am using Plymouth Yarn's Fantasy Naturale, which is easier on my hands and holds its color much, much better. But I'm using a much simpler pattern; too lazy right now to follow much of a pattern, other than the baby hats I'm working on from Itty Bitty Hats. Getting kind of hooked on those!

knittingqueen said...

I'm not a dishcloth knitter, but that martini glass is just too cute. My best friend would LOVE it! Thanks for the idea!

Jane said...

Yes there's something classy about a Martini glass! - KQ

Rose- I'll have to try Plymouth Yarns Fantasy, although after recent issues I'm steering clear of PY for a while.

Rudee said...

Blue Sky Alpaca cotton yarns are also very nice to work with. I made a baby surprise jacket from them and used the excess for washcloths for the babe.

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